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Professional Development Sessions


8th of February - Academic Writing: Developing a Manuscript for Publication - presented by Dr. Derrick Ssewanyana 

11th of January - Career Development in Academia - presented by Prof Charlotte Hanlon


14th of December - Delivering Effective Presentations:​ Developing Excellent Slides and Communicating Your Message Confidently and Accurately - presented by Mrs. Wilma Andrews

9th of November - Crafting Conference-Worthy Academic Abstracts - presented by Dr. Rosa Hoekstra

12th of October - Strategies for Promoting Caregiver-child Play Among sub-Saharan African Parents and Caregivers - presented by Dr. Zewelanji Serpell

8th of June - Using the Social Contact Approach in Researching Marginalised Groups - presented by Tsegereda Haile

11th of May - Community-Based Participatory Research - presented by Maghboeba Mosavel

13th of April - Developing Theory of Change models - presented by Mekdes Demissie

9th of March - Stigma-based Research - presented by Prof Charles Newton

9th of February - Developing high-quality press releases - presented by Suman Verma

12th of January - Tool Adaptation and Validation - presented by Prof Amina Abubakar


8th of December - The Ethics of Qualitative Research: How to Engage with Marginalised and Vulnerable communities/people or groups in an ethical way - presented by Dr Bethlehem Tekola

8th of September - The Academic Manuscript Review Process: Considerations for a New Reviewer - presented by Dr Rosa Hoekstra

11th of August - Writing High-Quality, Compelling Policy Briefs - presented by Prof Charlotte Hanlon

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