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SPARK Community Sensitisation Events 2023

The SPARK team have organised various exciting community sensitisation trainings since early 2023 with the aim to improve community inclusion and ultimately early identification and referral to relevant services for children with developmental disabilities.

A recent sensitisation session was held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, on the 2nd September 2023. 66 individuals from various health centres and affiliated organisations participated in the training. The group engaged in rich discussions about challenging stigma within the community and the experiences of supporting children with developmental disabilities. Caregivers shared inspiring stories and empowered one another.

Similarly, a community sensitisation meeting in Nairobi, Kenya, was attended by various community leaders, local school representatives and over 150 families on the 8th September 2023. The theme centred around raising awareness about developmental disabilities. Local stakeholders provided information on the services available to support families and caregivers of children with developmental disabilities shared their experiences. It was a fantastic event that encouraged community learning and advocacy.

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